Publish Your Children's Book With Porterlance Books

Do you have a Children's story that you want to put into book form, but you cannot do the illustrations yourself? Well, we're here to help....

With Porterlance Books, you can choose an Illustrator, and get your book beautifully published.

The package is $750 and contains the following benefits:

  • Beautiful, Custom-Created Illustrations from the Illustrator of your choice to cover up to 36 pages (standard size for a Children's Picture Book).
  • Book Published in full color (Paperback 8.25" x 8.25").
  • Book available for sale on, as well as the Porterlance Books site.
  • You'll receive your own custom book sales page for your book, through a subsidiary of
  • You will receive 1 copy of your book, and can order additional copies for a small fee (normally around $4).
  • Your book will be assigned and printed with a unique ISBN #, and become part of the Porterlance Books family.
  • Ability to purchase and sell hard cover copies (additional fee).
  • Receive $2.50 for each book sold on or our Website.
This is a great deal, because some Illustrators charge as much as Hundreds of dollars JUST for 1 (ONE) illustration. And, that's after you find one that you're happy with and that has time to do your book.

Then, normally, you'd need to find a printer, pay for an ISBN #, either hire someone to set up the files for you so they are print ready, or spend many frustrating hours figuring out Photoshop, margins, bleed, gutter space, etc...

After all of that, you also have to pay for the publishing.

With us, all you have to do is select an Illustrator, email your story (must be proofread and edited for us before you email it), and pay for the package. We do the rest. And, in less than 3 months, you'll have your book in your hands and be able to start doing press releases, book readings/signings, etc...

And, best of all, all it costs to begin the process is $60...with no commitment required. This will get you a full color cover design sample for your book. If you're happy, you can pay the balance of the package price, and get the book illustrated and published. If not, you're only out $60. And, there's always the option of selecting a new Illustrator.

To see the Illustrators we have available, their take on a cover for one of the Porterlance Books, and links to their other works, just click here.